Bittersweet Summer Days and Smiles

Sometimes life can really take us on a spin, and things can seem to happen all at once!  That was the month of June for myself, my family and close friends.  We were elated for a wedding celebration only to turn and immediately deal with the passing of my Father.  Having two such life changing events occur within days of each other reminded me of how quickly life can/does change.  It also showed me the strength that you can draw on from your dear friends and family members.  Together we all went through both of these emotional events, relying on each other for support

Hooray for May!

Greetings Prim Friends!  I do hope that you are all well and that this Spring finds you healthy and happy! 

Some of my blooms for Spring

Happy March of 2018!

Hello Prim Pals!  I hope everyone is warm and able to endure what are hopefully the last bits of winter.  March is always one of those months where you are so ready for warm Spring days, but the weather is usually cold and often snowy.  You must look at it as perfect stitching weather and enjoy sewing on some Spring projects!  I’m having a SALE on all my Spring themed patterns!  Not only that, but all my Valdani thread collections are on sale too!  (Sale through March 17 - get them while they last.)


Hello Prim Pals!  February is always one of my favorite months of the year because the hectic holidays are over with and that usually means much more stitching time!  This year however, I’ve been struggling with what seems like illness after illness and that’s no fun.  Flu hit me first and took several weeks to get over, then it seems once I ventured back out into public I picked up another virus somewhere.  Yuck!  I find myself dreaming of warm sunshine and fresh air and of being 100% healthy again! It’s time for me to hibernate and get well.

New Year New Style

It’s that time of year again my friends.  It feels like only yesterday that I was writing last years January blog post.  Where has the time gone?  Much of my time is spent stitching, writing and teaching.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE doing these things and count myself incredibly lucky to be able to do so.  There was a time in my busy life when stitching was a luxury treat for me, something I was only able to do in my very little bit of free time, usually late at night.  I’m reminded of that when I pick up a project from years past and I can remem

November Is For Sharing

Greetings my Prim Pals! 

November is for sharing and I have much "going's on" to share with you! 

This November finds me returning from a wonderful Quilt Market feeling exhausted but also very inspired!  So much was seen and admired by Nick and I as we attended valuable classes and gathered much helpful information. It's always wonderful to see my fellow designer pals and visit with them!

Debbie's new book is filled with amazing wool designs!!

Rustic Wool Moire Threads - So nice!!

We were also able to go into many booths and meet vendors with wonderful new items/trims/buttons/threads/fabrics etc. that I hope to bring into my designs. 


Halloween's Past

Primitive Fall Greetings! 

Summer was wonderful and warm and I was very busy with many new projects being finished and many new projects beginning.  Though it’s always bitter sweet to know that Summer has past, Halloween brings such whimsy and lighthearted fun.


Falling into September!

September greetings to you!  The Summer season has zoomed past, and Fall is in the air.  My creative thoughts are hopelessly turning towards pumpkins, bats and all things Halloween, and it seems like my taste buds are craving Pumpkin Spice everything!

A Sweet Summer!

Greetings Prim Friends!!  I hope that you are all enjoying a wonderful Summer season.  As the calendar days pass quickly by I’m busily stitching my way through them!  I returned from Market last month with two big deadline quilts to complete and several smaller projects as well.  I’ve had my head down busily stitching for what seems like weeks now!  (I guess because it has been weeks!) The June Calendar Pal was very late to post on my site, so sorry about that for those of you collecting them.  The July Pal is almost finished, so he'll be up soon t

Here Comes The Sun

Happy Summer!  It’s June and the air here is finally warming up, the flowers are blooming and the bees are buzzing.  What an amazing time of the year!


Nick and I had an amazing time at Spring Quilt Market in St. Louis!  It was great to see so many of our quilting friends and have time to catch up with them.  We enjoyed St. Louis and had a wonderful time there.  My Mom flew in and so it was wonderful to get to see her.  Market is always a great time and we were so happy to get to share it with her.





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