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A Sweet Summer!

Greetings Prim Friends!!  I hope that you are all enjoying a wonderful Summer season.  As the calendar days pass quickly by I’m busily stitching my way through them!  I returned from Market last month with two big deadline quilts to complete and several smaller projects as well.  I’ve had my head down busily stitching for what seems like weeks now!  (I guess because it has been weeks!) The June Calendar Pal was very late to post on my site, so sorry about that for those of you collecting them.  The July Pal is almost finished, so he'll be up soon t

Here Comes The Sun

Happy Summer!  It’s June and the air here is finally warming up, the flowers are blooming and the bees are buzzing.  What an amazing time of the year!


Nick and I had an amazing time at Spring Quilt Market in St. Louis!  It was great to see so many of our quilting friends and have time to catch up with them.  We enjoyed St. Louis and had a wonderful time there.  My Mom flew in and so it was wonderful to get to see her.  Market is always a great time and we were so happy to get to share it with her.





Spring Has Sprung!

Hello Prim Pals!  A very happy Spring season to you all, sprinkled with warm sunny wishes and blooming flowers.


My Azelia bushes are blooming! Yay!

The Simple Joy of Spring

Happy Spring my Prim friends!  I hope that you all are able to enjoy some early Spring sunshine.  It’s always good for the soul!  My Pomeranian, Nikki was enjoying some rays of sunshine this morning while lying in her little bed.  Her sweet smile warmed my heart!

Sometimes it’s good to remember the simple things in life that our furry friends can remind us of, like smiling that there’s a single moment of soul warming sunshine. 

Busy Buzzing Bee - That's Me!

Hello Prim Friends!  Are you ready for Spring?  I know that I am because we keep getting warm days in the 70’s, then the very next day it will snow!?  Now if that won’t give you Spring Fever I don’t know what will.  I use this as my excuse for “buzzing” along like a frantic bee! 

Perfection vs. Primitive - The Struggle Is Real!


noun / prim-i-tive

b(1): a self-taught artist (2): an artist whose work is marked by directness and naivete'

d:  a typically rough or simple usually handmade and antiqued home accessory or furnishing

-source: Miriam-Webster Dictionary

Hello Prim friends!  

New Year New Downloads!

Hello my primitive pals!  I do hope that you all had a wonderful holiday season and are charging ahead into the new year with new resolve and a happy heart.  We have been steady busy around here with the wonderful influx of activity brought about by the Misty Meadows Stitch Along.  Many of the sweet participants have been dropping me such nice e-mails and are all very excited about this quilt.  I’m delighted that it has inspired so many to pick up a needle and thread and sew.  Makes my heart happy! 

December Freebie!

I cannot believe that as I sit and write this it’s only 15 days to Christmas!  Yikes!  There is some speed shopping in my future!  Time seems to be flying by and my days are thankfully filled and busy.


November News From Briar Root Farm

I hope to remember November!  Seem like the months have been zooming by so fast lately that I’m hoping to slow down a little bit and savor some of November.  Not only is it my birthday month but Thanksgiving is also coming along.  We will have some out of town guests and we will be hosting a few local friends as well.  Seems some cooking is in my future!  Good thing I love to cook!

Valdani Pearl Cotton Thread Storage Jars

Hello there my prim stitching friends!  This month finds me busy working on several new designs and projects.  On the home front my new sewing space has quickly become my new obsession.  If you read my last blog post you know that I’ve moved into a new studio space and I’m really loving it!  I feel like I go in there to work and before I can blink 4-5 hours has past and my dogs are barking at me to let them outside.  Without my furry little reminders of the passing time, I think I could blissfully disappear into my new sewi

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