Pattern Corrections

Hey, we're only human and mistakes do happen.  Here you will find corrections and my sincere apologies for any inconvenience that they may have caused you. 

Misty Meadows Wool Applique Quilt Design:

For patterns purchased prior to: January 24, 2017

Block #1 - Wool Requirements for the "Stems" should be: 7" x 4"

Block #8 - Wool Requirement is missing for the "Stems" it needs to be: 1" x 5"

Block #9 - The template indicates that you need to make 4 of the Center Flower, you only need to make 1 for the block.

Top Border - Center Design:  Stem wool is missing from the requirements, you will need a 1" x 2" piece for the stem, but by this point in the quilt you should have enough extra wool for the stem.